Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Aspirations

This is what I'm having fun with during winter break: learning to use my new Wacom Intuos and ArtRage Lite software. The picture pinned in the upper left corner of the screen was my reference. The picture in the middle is what I created using the pastel tools. Not bad for my second tutorial!

Oh, and I made a video for you all. It's my first!  
For for information about terms and concepts I reference in the video, watch in YouTube and look in the information section under the video. (You may have to click "MORE...."
Happy new year!


  1. Winter break fallow time became creativity explosion time! So happy to hear the excitement in your voice and see the light in your eyes as you talk about the tablet! WANT! And VIDEO! wOOT wOOT!
    PBLA? Seems to me something is wrong with a program that after three years is still experiencing Braxton Hicks (false labour).
    It is distressing to feel your palpable stress and anxiety at the prospect of "full implementation" (haha, quasi business jargon...) (Stress and anxiety?You,an excellent teacher with a proven track record?) It is equally appalling that good managers are being forced to say in hushed voices, with furrowed brows: "We'll just have to find a way to live with it. We'll tweak it. We'll adapt it." The truth is that it is a poorly thought out and designed expensive experiment based on low quality research that has already wasted ?? Millions???of taxpayer $$$ not to mention instructor goodwill and equanamity and learner time and effort. ROI???? Validity? Reliability? Practicality? Sustainability? Meh. It has already been tweaked and adapted so much that, as a Trainer wrote to me "one instructor can't even talk to another about PBLA because everyone is doing something different".
    Here's hoping that early in 2017 someone WILL come forward with an analysis that will force the scales off the eyes of those that have power and it will be abandoned. Or - prove me utterly wrong!
    I'm still on a high from NYC! I'm pumped about 2017. Yes, it looks like it might be a tough year in some ways - but when the going gets tough - the tough get going. So - my wish for you and all ESLERS is that 2017 will be a glorious year; a year of health,wealth, happiness, fulfillment and fun.I wish us all toughness to go with the tenderness we all have! ESL makes me happy!

    1. Claudie,
      Thank you so much for your comments! I think 2017 can be a great year. I am going to try to relax more, stress less, and have more fun! Life is short. <3 KM

  2. "as a Trainer wrote to me "one instructor can't even talk to another about PBLA because everyone is doing something different". Our instructions..."don't help each other, you have not been trained as LTs" So, we wait for consistency.


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