Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, New Focus

Happy new year, readers!

To start 2019, I have finally followed through on a very old intention to provide us all with a central location for email addresses and internet links that may be useful to us in giving feedback to those in positions of power to alter the course of the implementation of PBLA. It is my hope that by making ourselves heard at the top of the food chain, we might be able to persuade the powers that be to pay attention to the research of Yuliya Desyatova and Terry Vanderveen.

I have changed the name of the page from Canadian Experiment to PBLA Activism. There you will find a new section at the top called CONTACTS. Please send me suggestions for additions to this list. I would especially appreciate it if you would first do the leg work and find the actual address, email address, or telephone number that you suggest be posted there.

By the way, the penultimate blog post, Where is Our Ally?, has garnered 52 comments to date. It's a powerful dialogue, I think.

What will your focus be in 2019?


  1. Thank you for your continued efforts and leadership, Kelly. I don’t see anything on my mobile above the title of your blog. Is there something I’m missing?

    1. Sorry! The new page is over on the website: www.kellymorrissey.com. KM

  2. No worries. Found it. Thanks.


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