Sunday, October 13, 2019

Grateful Heart

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and day. At my school this coming week is a three-day teaching week, so I thought it was the perfect time to host a little get-together with the class next door. I think we will colour and cut out fall leaves to decorate the door. On each leaf we can write what we are thankful for. We can make invitations for the students in the other class to join us for pie and cider. They can learn how to RSVP to an invite.

I don't have any family in Canada and I'm not dating anyone right now, but I still plan to have a lovely Thanksgiving by myself. If I want a big traditional meal with all the trimmings, I will go to the Market Buffet in the basement of Caesar's Windsor, which is what I did last year. Otherwise, I will gladly spend the day resting and catching up on chores with the door open to the fresh fall air. On second thought, I probably cannot keep the door open because the resident squirrels are very cheeky and will come right in to ask for the peanuts they know I have on hand for them.

I feel like reflecting on three things for which I am thankful tonight. I'm limiting the list to three because otherwise I could go on for pages. I have a grateful heart.

  1. I am grateful that my mom, at almost 89, is still very active and that she's super fun to be with. 
  2. I am very thankful to have re-found my spiritual home in the form of Detroit Friends Meeting (Quakers). Every First Day (Sunday), I cross through the tunnel to be with them for an hour or two. Many times I bring treats I've baked in my oven.
  3. I'm very appreciative of my employer and the team of people with whom I work. They have helped me grow a lot as a person and as a teacher over the past 9 1/2 years.
How about you? Did you do or are you going to do something with your class for the holiday? Do you feel like sharing reasons you feel thankful?


  1. Grateful for all with grateful hearts.

    1. Aw, me too. They are fun to be around. I'm glad my mom is one of them, too.

  2. I made turkey with all the trimmings for my class! Nomnom..It’s an annual tradition. It’s my act of gratitude to the learners for putting their trust in me and I do it to give them a chance to celebrate my favourite holiday, taste turkey, cranberries, pumpkin pie - and express what they are thankful for. For some it is bittersweet - they are far from their families, their lives are still precarious - but everyone found much to give thanks for. Canada featured often. Pre the lunch I show videos about wild rice, cranberries. (e.g. How Cranberries grow).

    I am so grateful for all that I have. I’m grateful for Kelly and this blog that allows me to vent about PBLA , to see the thoughts and experiences of others and to crystalise my thoughts around the dystopian protocols.

    I am especially grateful to that anonymous commenter who posted the epic “Leave Claudie alone!” reply when I was personally and hurtfully attacked for expressing my concerns and advocating for all. Thank you again for having my back. Your words sustained me.

    I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in NYC with family - my son came from San Francisco with his lovely girlfriend, my daughter and her husband are expecting their first in November. In NYC. I took a megabus down from Toronto (gulp! but it is doable). We drove back through Pennsylvania - glorious Fall colours...a magical weekend.
    Sending blessings to all...

    1. Thanks, Claudie. I am grateful for readers who comment even when I don't post about PBLA. Your students are lucky to have such a committed teacher. --KM

  3. As are yours! (I like the pie and cider idea) Maybe I’ll scale back next year...


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