Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wanna Be There for the Draw?

Okay, I have capped the draw at these six people:
Cheryl, Tiff, Gaby, Sarah, Siddiqa and Edith. I am just checking now to make sure that the free Zoom account allows screen sharing. If it does, I'll invite ya'll to hop on Zoom with me when I spin the wheel. You won't have to be present to win.



  1. Okay, guys, I figured out an easy way to do the draw live so as to let everyone witness the process in the name of transparency. The winner is Edith. Contact me with your mailing address, Edith. Congrats!

  2. It was Facebook Live with screen sharing on the Joy of ESL Facebook Page. Sorry for not mentioning that. It's been a looooooong day.


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